Traveling for Business

This includes temporary immigration needs such as:

  • Intracompany transfers
  • Trainings
  • Local hires
  • Specialty occupation workers
  • Long term immigration strategies for permanent residents

We work closely with our clients to meet ever changing immigration needs

Type of Visas

H-1b Visas: This type of visa is available to individuals who have at least a bachelors degree or equivalent. It requires a petitioning employer and the job must meet specific requirements one of which is that the position must require at least a bachelors degree.

TN Visas (NAFTA): This type of visa is for professionals from Mexico and Canada who want to work in the United States on a temporary basis.

E-3: An E-3 visa is only for professionals who are who are Australian Citizens. Its requirements are similar to an H-1b visa.

H1b1: An H-1b1 visa should not be confused with an H-1b although some requirements are the same. However, this visa is only for professionals who are citizens of Singapore.

B-1/B-2: This type of visa is for business and general visitors to the United States. It has limited duration from a few days to a maximum of 6 months. B-1/B-2 visitors are not allowed to work.

O-1 Visas: This type of visa is for individuals with extraordinary skill and ability, with noteworthy achievements/awards. individuals who qualify for this type of visa often also hold doctorate degrees in their field.


L1 Visas: if you are seeking to expand your business into the United States or temporarily relocate valuable foreign employees to a U.S. office, our immigration attorneys can help you petition for an L1 visa.

*The L1 visa does not grant permanent residency, and is valid for a relatively short period of time- from a few months up to several years, depending on the foreign country.

We can help you apply for regular L1 visas for individual employees which are processed on a case-by-case basis by the USCIS, or file a blanket L1 petition enabling a more rapid application process for employees of larger multinational businesses.

The L1A visa for executives and managers, while the L1B is for workers with specialized knowledge.

Our immigration lawyers can help you ensure that all the documentation requirements for the application process are met correctly and work with you to ensure a smooth transfer of your multinational workforce. We have legal offices in Bakersfield and Fresno, CA, and in Oregon.


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